Hrithik Bansal

SmallC is a a Turing complete, type safe, command line interpreter for C written in OCaml, which allows for arithmetic, comparison operations, control flow and printing. It has a Lexer coupled with a parser to read strings, convert them to tokens and parse them, and evaluate using CFG rules, with support for integer and boolean variables.

Spyre is a Web Application Framework for making User Interfaces for Data Projects in Python. I found Spyre when I was trying to find an easy way to display API fetched data in a pragmatic format, for a prototype project. I found this framework to be especially useful when protoyping web application or any other project for that matter which required me to display data in a tabular format, in a fast, dynamic way without spending excess time trying to create the Dynamic UI and instead focus more on the data.

More Information on SPYRE

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Loc@te Me spun out of me tinkering with the ever so popular, ESP8266 WiFi Module + MCU. Seeing the capability of this little module to act either as a server or as a client, I thought it would be fun to integerate it with some API's and see if it would actually work. Given the relatively small form factor of the board, I got the idea to interface the Google Geolocation API with SMTP to make an SOS device. The device, essentially would use an external momentary switch as an input to initial the SOS sequence. This would essentially query the API to get a relative co-ordinate location of the ESP, which then would be wrapped up in a simple email, and sent to a contact(s) through SMTP. This would alert the concerned individuals, in case of an emergency.

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@csv is a Python Script I whipped up when I had a bunch of emails spread over a text document, with no specific delimitting values or patterns I could use to parse the input and seperate the emails from it. Having recently worked with Regular Expressions, I thought this would be a good opportunity for me to get more comfortable using them and apply them to a real-life application project. As a consequence of this, @csv was born, which uses RegEx to parse emails from an input text file and organize them to an ouput CSV file, which can then possibly used as an email list among other things.