I'm a Computer Science student at the University of Maryland, College Park, currently taking course work in Algorithms and Organization of Programming languages.
My interest areas include developing web applications with Python, using APIs, Human Computer Interaction and developing for embedded devices, primarily IoT(Internet of Things). Previously, I have taken coursework in Systematic Program Design (in Java) and Introduction to C. Both of the courses have taught me a lot about following Object Oriented Design as well as low level programming, including Dynamic Memory Allocation in C and using the command line (UNIX).
Presently, I work in the SANDBOX at the University of Maryland, College Park as a developer and designer. Currently, I am building a web application for the student run makerspace which would allow the University to track usage of tools and allow tools to be checked out of the makerspace by students. The application is being written in Python with Flask web-framework. The front end is in HTML+CSS and the database would be done through storing 'transaction' information in Google Sheeets using the Google Sheets API. The system would be local and planned to be deployed on Raspberry Pi's with touchscreens for user input. More information about SANDBOX can be found here.
I am also conducting independent research in Human Computer Interaction under assistant professor Huaishu Peng . My work focuses on improving virtual collaboration by mixing in physical augmentation through an electronically actuated whiteboard. The system would potentially, in real-time, transcribe digital input from one user situated however faraway to the whiteboard of another user. This potential system is envisioned to be fast while being portable.
In my free time, I love to explore and learn new skills. Currently, I am learning basic principles of Machine Learning by doing data analysis on large datasets using NumPy, Pandas and using tool packages like Scikit-learn.

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