I love to work with Software, Hardware devices and Rapid Prototyping. Over the years, I have sharpened my prototyping skills which allow me to design and fabricate my ideas while having formal coding experience, which helps me bring those physical devices to life.
Currently, I’m an undergraduate student at the University of Maryland, College Park, studying Computer Science. I am also conducting independent research under Assistant Prof. Huaishu Peng, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction and making digital interactions more ‘physical’.
I also work as a designer and fabricator at the Singh ‘SANDBOX’ Makerspace in the Brendan Iribe Center for Computer Science and Engineering.  My work includes designing and fabricating ergonomic and intuitive organizers for tools. More about my work at SANDBOX can be found here.
Outside of academics, I love to read, cook and play pool.

This is my Lab where I MAKE!

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